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Change JForms (0.7 RC2) email subject

It’s strange but JForms doesn’t have a field where you can put the subject of the email that goes to the administrator when a form is filled. They will implement it later for sure. However, if you want to change the subjects of the forms, you should hack the Mail.php code of JForms. Here is […]

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Changing header information in a Joomla Template

In some Joomla templates you can change the information in the <head> tags directly by going in the template and adding html code inside the <head> tags. However, some other templates have in the header this line of code: <jdoc:include type=”head” /> which includes the header information from some file. If you like to change […]

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PHPExcel and Joomla

When you try to include the PHPExcel library into a joomla article (using a plugin for inserting PHP code into an article), it doesn’t work. It displays a white screen. I found a solution for that. It maybe not the best way to fix this sinceĀ  I’ve modified the Joomla core. Go to /libraries/loader.php and […]

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JF Twitter module problem fix

If you have experienced this error in your webpage: Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /modules/mod_jf_twitter/helper.php on line 38 Then it is a problem of “JF Twitter” module. Do the following on /modules/mod_jf_twitter/helper.php/helper.php on line 38: Change this: if(!empty($this->tweets)) { $profile = $this->tweets[0]->user; } To this: if(count($this->tweets)>1 and !empty($this->tweets)) { […]

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