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The best WordPress hosting provider

WP Engine! By far the best. This statement comes from me, a guy who is into WordPress development since 2008. During my career I have used a lot of hosting providers like Hostgator, Siteground, Rackspace, BlueHost, DreamHost, JustHost etc. So why do I think that WP Engine is the best? Here are 3 features that […]

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I am on google plus

I finally got on google plus. A friend of mine invited me. It looks promising, but I hadn’t time to test it, just did a general test. Also added the google +1 button here.

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New website with simple pictures from Albania is a new website which will have photos from Albania. Actually there are only photos from Tirana (the capital).

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Cancel Friend Request in Facebook

Method 1 First Block the person you sent your friend request, then Unblock him/her in your Privacy Settings. Method 2 Go to Account then Edit Friends There you have a list with your friends and pending friend requests. Click on the X to remove a pending friend request.

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Facebook Face Detection

I just noticed that facebook has added a new feature in the photo tagging. A face detection mechanism. The thing here is that if there is a photo with people in it, and you hover the mouse over a face, there will be a rectangle frame over the face with the caption “Tag This Photo”.

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Facebook reaches pagerank 10

It is not a big surprise that with over 400 milion active users, facebook has made it to pagerank 10. Facebook has reached google. I checked it today, althought posts on the web claim that this happened around april 2010. I did a pagerank check on for google, facebook, yahoo and youtube, with the […]

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The Like Button Revolution

The simple cute little button has made it through many websites and today I put it in my blog. I was so amazed about the Like button being almost everywhere on the net. It’s very simple, you just click the Like button and practically you are sharing on the link of the website the […]

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Google changed layout

I noticed yesterday that google has changed his layout. I don’t like it! I don’t like the homepage, neither do I like the search results. In the search results it now displays a left column with additional options, so I think google has lost it’s simplicity.

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