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Free deck of playing cards in vector format

You can download and use for free this 52 set of playing cards. Vector Playing Cards Inside this zip file are 52 swf files.

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Ubisoft’s Rocksmith

Since I played for the first time Band Hero, I thought that in the near future they will make a game that has a real guitar in it. A month ago I heard news about Rock Band’s Squier Stratocaster which is a guitar that can be used both for Rock Band 3 and a normal […]

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Change JForms (0.7 RC2) email subject

It’s strange but JForms doesn’t have a field where you can put the subject of the email that goes to the administrator when a form is filled. They will implement it later for sure. However, if you want to change the subjects of the forms, you should hack the Mail.php code of JForms. Here is […]

Posted in Joomla | 2 Comments Application Development with the Playstation 3

I can’t wait for the to come out, it looks exciting. I want to be on the first wave of developers to make an application for the Playstation Move.

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