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Cancel Friend Request in Facebook

Method 1 First Block the person you sent your friend request, then Unblock him/her in your Privacy Settings. Method 2 Go to Account then Edit Friends There you have a list with your friends and pending friend requests. Click on the X to remove a pending friend request.

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Facebook Face Detection

I just noticed that facebook has added a new feature in the photo tagging. A face detection mechanism. The thing here is that if there is a photo with people in it, and you hover the mouse over a face, there will be a rectangle frame over the face with the caption “Tag This Photo”.

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Secret of Monkey Island SE X3Daudio1_6.dll missing error

The bug When I run MISE.exe, I get an error that X3Daudio1_6.dll is missing. The game won’t open. The Solution Download the Directx End-User Runtime from microsoft.

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Top 5 PHP functions you cannot live without

1. include() 2. isset() 3. mysql_query() 4. mysql_fetch_array() 5. substr()

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UserCake User Management System

If you need a simple user management system in php go with UserCake. Don’t confuse it with CakePHP, it has nothing to do with it. I’ve used UserCake on a project, and it was very nice to use, so I recommend it. And the best thing is that it is open source.

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Steps I do to create a website for myself without a CMS.

1. Brainstorming The first thing I do is a brainstorming session. I think of the features the website will have, write them down. Then I ask friends, they could have good ideas too. 2. Sketching I get a piece of an A4 paper, a pencil, and begin to sketch the layout for the website. Sometimes […]

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